Breathtaking. Inspiring. Revolutionary. Or just fantastic. Call it whatever you want. The new Super SOCO CU-x is state of the art when it comes to e-mobility. After many years of development and cooperations with big players from all over the world an electric moped or scooter has finally been created. It will definitely thrill you – without compromises, because charging is only needed after 160 kilometres of driving and even the performance does not come short at all.

The all new Super SOCO CU-x

Space for storage

Battery compartment

Plug slot

A face to remember

Intelligent light sensing headlamps

The symmetrical U-Design with integrated daylights and indicator lights dominates the front of the all-new Super SOCO CU X. The headlamp features Matrix LED technology and throws a stunning light onto the road ahead of you for crystal clear visibility.

29000 cd

13480 cd

75 m

High beam brightness

Low beam brightness

min. visibility

Unique LED tail lights

Straight lines in timeless design

All lights are fully equipped with modern LED technology for more safety and increased visibility at night, including rear lights, braking lights and indicator lights



Smart cockpit

An all-in-one intelligent dashboard

The illuminated, multifunctional display adjusts automatically to prevailing light conditions and features crystal clear 150° wide angle readability. All kind of information is displayed in a simple and self-explaining way.

Perfect controls

A simplified toggling mechanism allows you to easily operate the Super SOCO CU X and all of its functions, including convenient cruise control.